6 Month Mentorship for Spiritual CEO's.


Business Mentorship AND holistic life coaching for the woman ready for MORE.

This is for you, if you've done the groundwork, and you're ready to UNLEASH your true power.

You are a woman in business ready to experience more depth, more purpose, more money and more impact, in a way that nourishes your nervous system and supports your BIG dreams. You crave the guidance, support, AND the strategy. You're ready to let go of the old and step into the new. You desire a business that support your LIFE - and you're ready to experience success in ALL areas, not just your work.

Even though it SCARES you....

You want to activate your voice as a fucking LEADER.

You want to make an impact that ripples out FAR BEYOND how many people liked your post.

You want to speak on stages, become the EXPERT, and transition from 'an inspirational person on instagram' to the GO-TO person in your industry that your ideal client cannot WAIT to work with.

You are ready for a total life and business EVOLUTION.

And, you're ready for the SUPPORT to help you to get there.



As a woman in business, the results you experience in your life are because of who you ARE. It isn't just about crafting the perfect strategy; It's about bringing every part of you into your HIGHEST alignment.

Holistic Business Coaching is not about getting rich as quick as possible, or scaling to X figures overnight. It's about supporting you to build a sustainably successful business that is right for YOU.

Though it is 100% possible to achieve incredible results in your business, and reaching your business goals will be a BIG focus of our coaching, (some of our past clients have experienced sold out launches, created & sustained consistent $10k+ months, experienced $1M+ months 3 months in a row, left corporate careers to commit to their own businesses, built waitlists with 100+ ideal clients on them, grown their social media reach + engagement by over 1000%, and SO much more....) we don't stop there.

Holistic Business Coaching w/ me works within a powerful 4 PILLAR approach:

Circle with Cross Vector





STRATEGY: Here, we focus on refining your business model, messaging, brand & branding, content, marketing & promotion and more to ensure your income and career goals are met. We work with a strategic 6-12 month plan to deliver your results.

MINDSET COACHING: The pinnacle of it ALL. Here, we help you to identity and dissolve the limiting beliefs, past stories, negative self talk & negative thoughts that hold you back from achieving ALL of your dreams.

ENERGETIC WORK: Here, we focus on creating the full identity of your NEXT-LEVEL self, so that you can energetically align with her and BECOME her. Think of it like manifesting... But cooler.

SOMATIC PRACTICES & EMBODIMENT: This work allows you to access deep healing by working WITH the body to unlock and clear stuck emotions + limiting stories, AND to embody the


If you want to build a successful business, we aim to get your there. But we also do the REAL WORK along the way to clear out and work through the blocks that re stopping you from being there RIGHT NOW.

Whether it's your beliefs holding you back, or the actual strategy of HOW that's keeping you stuck.... We work on where you ARE, so that you can clear it, HEAL it, and CREATE it, to get to where you WANT to be.

You're ready to EVOLVE, to become LIMITLESS in all that you are.


Walking on stage. Your voice heard by millions. Your book devoured by the world. Constant invites to podcasts and media interviews as you experience what life feels like as THE EXPERT.

Consistent sales becoming the norm because you’re a MASTER of your craft.

Actually LIVING your dreams, instead of just thinking about them.


Having an unshakeable confidence in your worth, value, and SELF.

Making way more money, having way more fun, feeling way more fulfilled.

Having unshakeable, unfuckwithable POWER within you and behind you, as you take SCARY action that PROPELS you to your DREAMS.

Having built a 7 Figure Coaching & Personal Development business that has supported 1000+ women around the world, published a book, AND had a baby... I know how to help you to reach your BIGGEST dreams.

Whether you're stuck with strategy of how to scale to six figures and beyond, or you're feeling LOST in the echo-chamber of social media & feel like you're losing your voice, OR whether you're ready for a shake up and just don't know how, I'm here to navigate it ALL..




Unlimited sessions booked when you need them (within 24h where possible) up to 60 mins per week (you can book one session or a week, or 4, or none.. This time is for YOU to use as you desire!)

Private Voxer thread with me in my Voxer hours (Tues 9-3, Thurs 9-3, Friday 1-3)

Access to my courses during our time together

If you're in NZ, you ALSO receive an IN PERSON IMMERSION DAY with 3-5 of my other clients.


Our coaching container is built specifically to suit YOU with the support that YOU desire during our time together.

We will dive DEEEEEP into your goals and vision for yourself, your business, and your LIFE, as well as the strategy, action, and 'how to' to make it all happen... But our coaching will ALSO include holistic support like breathwork and somatic processes to help you connect to and clear out everything standing in your way.

We walk with your vision and mind - and support you mentally, emotionally, AND energetically/spiritually to get there.

Each session, you will receive a post session form to complete to ensure your journey is tracked, along with integration steps and accountability.




Upfront payment: $19,000

6 Month Payment Plan: $3k p/m



I have had so many break throughs with Jacqui. . Jacqui has been absolutely star to work with, she calls out all the bs in the most safe space. After every session with her there would be so much momentum. If you are ready for radical change and to better yourself, your life and or your business in the most safe, supportive and held way, I can not recommend her enough!!!


My advice for ANYONE that is considering working with Jacqui, is this. Unless you are prepared for your ENTIRE business to transform and grow, don't hire her! Her energy doesn't fuck around! You will get exactly what you ask for, and THEN some!


Working with Jacqui has been the exact acceleration I needed. She has the unique ability to simultaneously meet you where you are, call you on bullshit, hold space, and guide you in the right direction. The growth and realisations I've had in the last 6 weeks are incredible! Thank you Jacqui for all your support and guidance!


I found Jacqui when I was in a very uncertain time in my life. A sparatic manifestor. She was able to help me expose my limitations in my beliefs and more. I am so grateful! I now am able to hold space for my husband to grow, AND I had a ONE MILLION DOLLAR MONTH! I have tools to move through the “darker” days with Grace. I am not alone … EVER. I am loved and I love myself. Life is amazing. I am out here to experience life on a grand scales, every aspect of life is moving towards that grand-ness!


I adore Jacqui and what she stands for, being in her space is pure, potent magic! I sold SIX spaces into my new offer in LESS than 2 weeks! I knew going into this experience I would also connect with other legends out there doing amazing things because that’s the reality of joining a space with someone you feel called to work with. If I feel it, then the other women magnetised to it are going to be. Jacqui provides a space of high energy, accountability and fun! I now know that following a launch strategy ACTUALLY works!

About Jacqui

Jacqui Sive is a successful entrepreneur & multiple business owner, mother, author & mentor who helps women achieve full spectrum success. Through holistic life coaching, spiritual support, & action-orientated strategy, she helps women around the world to master their mindset, break through limiting beliefs, & manifest the life of their DREAMS.

She has built a 7 figure personal development company & is inspired to help women across the world become the person they have been WAITING for.